Who is Business Time?

Business Time is the greatest party band of all time! Seriously, we are. It's science. We are: Brendan Murphy on guitar and lead vocals, Zach Comtois on guitar and lead vocals, Mark Fortier on drums, Tim Lillis on keyboard, and Mike Bourassa on bass.

So what do you play?

From ‘Twist and Shout’ to ‘Treasure’, Business Time plays everything from the 50’s, to something that came out 50 minutes ago. If it makes you dance, we play it. Check out our songs page for more info.

How long can you play for?

We typically offer 3-4 hours of music, but we can play as long as you want to party!

So how much?

Only 1 million dollars!! Just kidding. Not even close. Shoot us a message detailing your event, and we’ll work out a price that fits! We're very budget conscious; we offer competitive pricing and various options to accommodate your entertainment needs. Unless of course, you want to pay us a million dollars...that's cool too.

How far do you travel?

There is no limit to how far we’ll travel…except for Siberia. Well, okay, we’ll play in Siberia. But for real, we've played all over the place - All six New England states regularly, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and even California!

Why is Business Time different?

We like to say we're the exact opposite of your stereotypical, cheesy wedding band. No frills, no horns, no coordinated dance moves, no shiny gold vests, no egos etc. Just super fun dance music to create a huge party. That's the goal.

Does Business Time play during wedding ceremonies?

Yes. If you want to walk down the aisle to a song that’s special to you, we’ll make it happen.

Do you take requests? Can you play our wedding song?

Absolutely. Let us know in advance, and we’ll play it.

Can you not play the chicken dance?

It’d be our pleasure not to play the chicken dance. In fact, you can let us know every single song that you don’t want to hear, and we’ll make sure it’s not played. We don't play any of that kind of stuff anyway, so you're in the clear.

Will I have to provide any equipment for the band?

We have state of the art sound and lighting equipment. All you’ll have to provide is easy access to electrical power, and a crowd. We’ll take care of the rest.

Do you offer DJ services?

Yes. We can structure the entertainment for the evening however you’d like. We can start the night with a DJ set, and then bring in the band. We will also keep plenty of music playing during our short set breaks. Just because the band stops playing doesn’t mean the party stops!

How far in advance should I book you?

You can book us as soon as you have the idea! We book far in advance, so the sooner the better.

Does the band have liability insurance?

Heck yeah we do! We’re professionals, come on. If your venue requires a certificate, we’d be more than happy to provide one.

I totally want to follow you guys on Facebook and Instagram! Where can I do that?

You should totally do that.
Facebook: www.facebook.com/businesstimerock  
Instagram:  www.instagram.com/businesstimerock

Why is Mikey so handsome?

Nobody knows...