“We couldn’t have asked for a better band to make our wedding extra special. From start to finish, Business Time was professional and reliable and very willing to meet all our requests. I have never seen a dance floor stay so full for so long as ours was. They kept the crowd going all night long and were able to appeal to the wide variety of ages. Most people have said one of the best parts of our wedding was the band, and we agree! They made our wedding the party of the year!!!”  - Renee and David

“We searched for a wedding band for quite some time before we found Business Time. We wanted a band that we could have input into what they played and most importantly we wanted people to have fun! Business Time could not have been a better choice- they were our favorite part of our wedding day. They were incredibly professional, supportive and met with us prior to the event to discuss exactly what we wanted to hear and what kind of atmosphere we wanted them to create- we knew we did NOT want a cookie-cutter cheesy wedding band.

What Business Time delivered was the most amazing cover band we and our guests had ever experienced. Almost every guest danced the entire night. In addition to the songs we had requested beforehand, every song they picked was a hit! All our guests could talk about after the wedding was how incredible the band was. In fact, they all got together a month after the wedding (we had moved to Seattle!) and went to hear them at a bar in Boston and had an amazing time! We could not recommend Business Time more to make any event truly special and memorable.”  - Amelia and Matt

“An amazing band made up of amazing people! From the moment we walked into the ballroom, the entire party (all ages) was on the dance floor – and they kept everyone dancing and energized for the entire night. One of the most common comments of the evening was “This band is awesome,” and even now that we’ve been married for more than 5 months, we’re still receiving phone calls and emails about how great they were.

Business Time is incredibly versatile, talented, lively and most importantly, fully committed to making the entire process as enjoyable and memorable as possible. We couldn’t have asked for a better all-around experience and fully recommend them to anyone getting married or just in need of having some great live music at an event.”  - Deb and TJ

"Without a doubt Business Time is exactly what anyone who is getting married is looking for in a band. They were outstanding to work with for many reasons, for us it was the variety of music they could offer. We have family and friends that love all of the classics, but truly enjoy the latest anthems. Business Time not only delivered an extensive variety of music, but they truly take pride in the sound quality they produce. Willing to meet as much as necessary to make us feel comfortable, the band defined the term professionalism. They show up early, play extremely long set lists, and are undeniably engaging with rock star stage presence.

Everyone who attended our wedding overwhelmingly enjoyed spending the evening on the dance floor. Business Time provided the energy needed to keep everyone moving at all times. Our guests have repeatedly told us how much they enjoyed Business Time, and we all feel they were a major highlight of the wedding. Thanks for the unforgettable time!”  - Maryanne and Ryan

“Business Time is a MUST have for any party. They rocked our wedding and had guests on the floor the entire night, including us! They played a great variety of music that catered to the entire guest list. These guys are high energy and your guests will be able to see and feel how much fun they’re having playing music for the crowd. From the very beginning planning stages all the way through follow-up after the event, Business Time was professional, flexible, and a joy to work with. We got exactly what we wanted and more! They did a great job emceeing the events throughout the night such as the toasts, first dances, and cake cutting. They even sang happy birthday (segued into a killer Beatles rendition we might add) to our flower girl. You are seriously missing out if you don’t pick these guys for your event.”  - Allison and Chris

“Business time is the best band to have at your wedding, and they truly rock in every sense of the word. They exceeded every expectation we had. Months later, friends and family are still telling us how much fun they had at our wedding because of the band. They were upbeat, energetic, and kept the party rocking and guests dancing all night long. It truly was a great experience and a smart decision to have Business Time play at our wedding.

Their method of meeting with us before the wedding to get to know each other and get a feel for what we were looking for really paid off. They played classic hits and all the music we had in mind for our special day. Planning a wedding is a huge undertaking, but hiring Business Time to play at our wedding was an easy and confident decision. The band’s musical background and education is on display every time they play and you can hear it in their sound. We highly recommend hiring Business Time to play at your wedding or private party. They helped us to truly celebrate our special day and create lasting memories. We are very grateful and our guests were too. Definitely a great band to have at your wedding!”  - Holly and Jeff

“Business Time is not only an exceptional group of talented musicians, but also an extremely professional business. These five handled everything – travel, money, setup, speeches, and all night entertainment – better than we could have ever hoped! They even let me play a few tunes with them, and the father of the bride got to play a song on the drums (afterwards he told me he felt like he was 20 again)! The song selection was right on as we talked for a long time before hand about what kinds of music we liked as well as the type of audience that would be there. They seemed to be able to read the crowd like an uncanny bunch of psychics.

Business Time went above and beyond expectations as they played well longer than we had agreed on, and brought their A-game as every song was played to perfection! These guys will bend over backwards to make sure your special day is all about you, your family, and your friends!”  - Katie and Tim